Online and Doing Fine!

Thanks to those who virtually “tuned in” to our monthly, online meet-up last night!   We came up with the idea to take it online since we know how insanely busy people’s schedules can be… I’d say “this time of year”, but is there ever a time of year we’re NOT busy?!

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(Gotta love the Italian hand talking!)

We LOVED starting the talk dispelling some of the nasty “truths” surrounding homeschooling… that have been perpetuated by people who have never done it before!  We tackled and laughed at the lack of “socialization” people fear will encompass homeschoolers.  To this, we reminded people that there will be NO other time in our children’s lives where they will be asked to be in a room with same-aged peers and being constantly compared to them.  We’re taking a page from the Montessori method by offering mixed-aged classes in our tutorial that will allow exponential social exposure and growth to our students of all ages.

We had an active group who asked some pointed, quality questions that we were thrilled to answer!  One of the questions was regarding the difference between a co-op (or cooperative), umbrella, and tutorial.  Our co-director and homeschooling sage, Jennifer DeVille, excellently summarized the following information during the course of the talk: a co-op (or cooperative) is a social meeting place for families.  They rely heavily on parent volunteer time and hours, and the parents generally are required to be in attendance during the co-op.  An umbrella is an overseeing body for homeschooling families.  When choosing to homeschool in Maryland, families have two options for their reviews: choosing an umbrella or reviewing with the families’ respective counties.  An umbrella is an organization that will work with you to ensure thorough and adequate instruction and will have a variety of ways in which you will meet/plan/prepare.  When reviewing with one’s county, there is no real telling who your reviewer will be and his/her knowledge of homeschooling and the laws surrounding it.  A tutorial, like Global Foundations Tutorial, is a place where students can be dropped-off and receive instruction from highly-qualified tutors.  Depending on the institution, tutorials may tell the families which curricula to use, or they will be a supplemental program.

Another excellent question that was voiced regarded the services and opportunities available to homeschooling families that could be provided by a different schooling setting if there is some sort of concern about a child’s academic, social, or physical well-being.  At Global Foundation Tutorial, we intend on being partners alongside parents choosing to educate their children.  One excellent reason to join a co-op or tutorial is to integrate with like-minded families where you can feel comfortable asking these types of questions and start getting answers.  We can also assist you with what you might discuss with a pediatrician and help complete forms required by them in certain instances.

We look forward to making this a monthly event with new topics each time!  Find us on Facebook @ Global Foundations Tutorial to register for our May 10th event discussing NET activities: No Extra Time!


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