*New* and Improved Schedule for 2018!

Screenshot 2018-05-11 12.13.35

We cannot thank you, our followers, enough for all of the valuable insight, suggestions, and questions that you’ve offered over this very exciting journey!  In looking at all that has been offered and talking among our leadership, we are THRILLED to share our updated 2018 daily schedule.

You might be thinking, “Okay, so what’s different here?”, and that’s a great place to start!  We’re going to be using researched-based, proven curricula that has a history of inclusiveness and lends to the cooperative, exploratory activities we look forward to creating with our children.  We’ll be unrolling the subject-specific curricula through later posts, and I would like to take this time to give you a little background as to why we went this direction instead of the “supplementary approach”.

We know that homeschooling families are looking for opportunities to make the time spent away from home and with other children and adults “count”.  We are aiming to take some of that burden from you to create not only the artifacts for your reviews but a deeper love of learning in your children.

That said, we know we are bringing two camps of people to our community: a-the homeschoolers who want to keep their educational freedom and b-the newcomers to homeschooling that would benefit from a little more hand-holding as they start the process.  So, the activities will still “make sense” to children from either camp as we’ll be looking at the different subject areas in a more global, unit-study way.  For example, if we’re looking at ancient times during the Global Studies block, our music, art, PE, read aloud time, and other pertinent areas will incorporate ideas and activities from this time period.  Coming from a public school background, I know how, when topics are disjointed in their presentation, it is difficult to get “deep” with the children.  This approach will give us the flexibility and opportunity for more depth and exploration.

We’ll be rolling out the chosen curricula over the next few weeks and look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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