Who Are You, Anyway??

We are EXACTLY what you need us to be!

New to homeschooling and need some help getting started?  We’ve got you covered!  Looking to shake up your homeschooling routine with forward-thinkers?  You’ve come to the right place!  Want to be on the cutting-edge of a newly forming community?  Welcome!

We’ve been spending the past few months reaching out to interested families to share our vision of GFT.  Here’s the short answer to the question of who we are: a supplementary educational experience for children ages 4 through 13 rooted in discovery and play-based learning.

The long answer is only slightly more complicated.  We are a team of families in search of a different and better way to educate our children.  We see the early-adopting families as part of the landscape to shape our culture and truly meet the needs of our children.  We know that childhood is a time for discovery and to develop a love of learning in a tight-knit community.  Because of that, we’re busy building a daily and weekly structure aimed at addressing children’s multiple learning modalities, as well as highlighting their strengths and helping the children to attack any perceived weaknesses head-on.

Additionally, we offer a variety of drop-off options for families.  You can read more about all of them as well as catch up with our other news at http://www.globalfoundationstutorial.com.

Not seeing a certain combination that would work for your family?  Reach out to us so we can make it happen!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing our summer plans as well as revealing the subject-specific curricula in which our lessons will be based.  Have curricula already?  That’s no problem!  Our lessons will be broad enough and shared with families early enough to help adapt at-home lessons.

We are SO excited to start this journey with your children!  We hope this note finds you well and look forward to catching up soon!

Founder and Director, GFT

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