Nature’s Poetry in Motion!


We had another FABULOUS Summer Nature Series morning this week!  Before we even started, the site’s gardener treated us to a special nature treat… a huge snakeskin!  Before we got going on the hike, students shared what they thought they might experience in the forest… using all 5 of their senses!  After watching busy, busy ants, a toad treat us to some huge hops, scores of bird and cicadas singing us their songs, and even tasted the wild raspberries we’ve been eyeing up for weeks, we made it back out of the woods to write this beautiful population poetry as a group:

“Seeing worker ants carrying their eggs in the woods.

Seeing Daddy Long Leg Spiders crawling in the woods.

Seeing big worms slithering in the woods.

Tasting raspberries – bitter and sweet – in the woods.

Touching rough bark and silky ferns in the woods.”

~Summer Nature Participants, 2018

We enjoyed seeing new faces as well as those who have been with us the whole series!  It’s not too late to sign up for our next event, “Creature or Nature Feature?” on Thursday, July 26.  We can’t wait to see you then!

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