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One of the more exciting, very recent developments at GFT is the formation of our umbrella!  We want to reach new-to-homeschool and thinking-about-homeschool families to help them see that they are NOT alone, and we’re here to help!  We have a tier to address the many different needs/wants of a homeschooling family, and here are how they break down:

Tier 1:  $75 per year, per family.

We recommend Tier 1 for people who are comfortable with their chosen method of homeschooling and are looking for an additional sense of community and comradery through our peer reviews.  Tier 1 includes the following:

*Access to our members-only Facebook site that will store all online communication, upcoming events, and a way for members to connect and engage between reviews

*An every-other-month online Q&A where we address common homeschooling challenges as well as save time to discuss your questions

*Invitation to FREE, quarterly, in-person events being hosted by GFT

*Planning tools to help you keep track of your homeschooling year

*An in-person, peer-review in the spring

Tier 2: $150 per year, per family

Tier 2 includes all of the amazing benefits of Tier 1 with some added bonuses!  We recommend Tier 2 for people who are looking for a little more structure and support with their homeschooling journeys, such as people new to homeschooling and people starting to homeschool mid-year.  In addition to all Tier 1 activities and events, Tier 2 includes:

*A beginning of the year/end of summer curriculum planning session.  In this session, we’ll dive deeper into your reasons for homeschooling, your strengths and areas where you may need additional support, and help you develop, plan, and determine curricula that match your family’s needs.

*A mid-year check-in on curricula choices.

*Choice of an online or in-person peer review at the end of the year

We are so excited that our umbrella organization will help enhance the lives and education of even more families and look forward to you joining us!  As always, please reach out to us directly with any questions or to enroll.

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