Tutor’s Corner~Science Rules!



In this week’s “Tutor’s Corner”, we’re taking a look at the science the children have been learning over the past few weeks.  Jennifer approaches all topics from a holistic and global standpoint, meaning many subjects are entwined into each of the lessons.  The recent study of anatomy particularly lends itself well to enriching and engaging nonfiction, health, and creating artistic collages for the students to share.  I know the use of magnifying glasses to study the skin (and anything else they could get their hands on!) was of particular interest and fun for the children.

Here is a sneak peek behind some of Jennifer’s lessons.  We hope the shred resources will help enrich your homeschooling journies, as well!



How my body works

  • We read “See How We Move” by Scot Ritchie & “The Great Big Body Book” by Mary Hoffman. We played with the squishy human model kit (internal organs are squishy!) and did a human body floor puzzle
  • Bodies change as they grow older. How have we changed?
    • Human life cycles
    • Other life cycles (plants, dogs, frogs & butterflies)
  • The body has internal and external parts
    • We traced the outline of their bodies on a roll of craft paper
    • Named exterior body parts/head shoulders, knees & toes/played “where is it?”
    • Made collages using different body parts from different pictures
    • What’s inside my body (looked at pop up book of organs & other anatomy books)
  • Skin
    • Looked at through magnifying glass, talked about the functions of
    • Fingerprints/fingerprint art


     We look forward to sharing our work in the other subject areas with you soon!  As always, please reach out to us with any questions and if you’re interested in hearing more about GFT!

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