Bulbs Away!

Do you know the difference between a grub and a worm?  To be honest, I’m not sure this was a topic to which I had even given much thought.  Luckily, the students dug up a bunch of both during our bulb-planting experience today!  We observed their different shapes and sizes and noted how the grubs REALLY did not appreciate this October heat wave and worked hard to get back to some dark, cozy soil.

We were excited to ask St. Thomas’ for the opportunity to make their already beautiful grounds a little brighter with our tulips.  The church did let us know that the soil is a little harsh, so the students had the added bonus of learning about the composition of compost and how compost creates a more hospitable environment for the bulbs to grow.

We look forward to seeing all the fruits of our labor (on this almost 90-degree October day!) in the spring!

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