Happy Hanukkah!

     GFT is spending part of the month of December reading about the different religions that celebrate some of their more “major” holidays this time of year.  The students were quick to make the realization that many of the holidays center around the idea of light… something we can all use more of this time of year, for sure!

      In the spirit of Hanukkah, the children read a variety of books this week not only about the origin of the holiday but the traditions that often accompany it.  Then, they were up to their elbows making vegan latkes for all to enjoy during our lunch hour.

     For those of you celebrating the Festival of Lights this week, we hope you enjoy this time with your family and loved ones and thank you for coming along with us on this journey!


Below is the recipe link we used:


To simplify the recipe, we used 1 T garbanzo bean egg replacer, 1 T arrowroot flour, sprinkles of salt and pepper, and fried the latkes in avocado oil. 

Enjoy the celebrations of the season, everyone!

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