Drop-In to Drop-Off!


We love meeting more local homeschooling families!  We have had quite a few people ask us recently about our try-before-you-buy, drop-off day, so I wanted to take a few minutes to share a little more information about it.


As we’ve said before, we know how hard homeschool families work to stretch their dollars and make sure that the activities in which their children participate are engaging and meaningful.  We also know that we’re the new kid on the block in terms of our offerings and that there isn’t quite anything like us around in this area.

We want families to see how a drop-off experience will enhance their homeschooling lives.  Which means we’re offering this opportunity to people for free.  Yes, free.  By knowing ahead of time when your child(ren) will be joining us, we’ll have the necessary materials ready for the day for him/her/them to jump right in on the action.  All we need from you is a quick note to let us know when you’d like to drop by contact information, and signed waiver.  Depending on when you join us, we will give general guidelines of what to expect and anything additional your child(ren) should bring that day.

Did you know we also have 2 Open Houses set up for our first week back from break on January 14th and 16th?  These would also be great days for you to come check us out!  And, yes!, you can drop off on these days, too!

The GFT children and staff love meeting new families!  If you have any other questions about how drop-off days work, feel free to reach out.  We look forward to seeing you in January!

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