2018 Year-In-Review

To say that I am humbled and thrilled with the interest and support we’ve received at Global Foundations Tutorial when we opened our doors in September would be a vast understatement.  Not only did we find an AMAZING site and home with St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church, the staff there has been some of our biggest supporters.

Screenshot 2019-01-03 19.59.56.png

To the families that trust us to educate your children, we appreciate you and love getting to know your kids and your families.  We are all coming to GFT from different circumstances and backgrounds, and I personally love to hear about all the empowering and inspiring work being done by our GFT families.

Our goal is to create an engaging and safe place for children to learn, and it has been such a joy watching it take shape.  I enjoy hearing from interested families on a consistent basis and look forward to opening our doors to more families as we continue to grow.  Enrollment has grown 233% in just a few, short months with more children slated to start in the new term, and each child and family adds to the experience for all of the children.  We can’t wait to open our doors for our Open Houses on January 15th and 17th, so please let us know if you’re interested in dropping by to drop-off!


To our lead tutor, Jennifer: your dedication, passion, and enthusiasm make for such a growth-centered environment for the students, and we appreciate you greatly!  And to Amy, our thoughtful and creative assistant: we truly picked up momentum when you joined with the girls and look forward to all that is to come!

As I look back on 2018 and how far we’ve come as a family, it’s extremely exciting to know how GFT and all those involved are making better lives for everyone in our community.  We cannot wait to see what the future holds for GFT and look forward to opening our doors to new students very soon!

screenshot 2019-01-03 20.01.00

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