NASA Invasion!

What an amazing treat GFT students and other local-area homeschoolers received when Scott Smith, NASA engineer, paid us a visit to discuss his love for engineering and science. Scott has decided to use his time during the government shut-down to educate children, and he did not disappoint!

The children were treated to videos of merging black holes, time-lapsed videos of huge telescopes being assembled and moved throughout the country, and an educational clip on how NASA is able to use specialized equipment to identify Earth-like planets that would normally be masked by their sun’s rays…. just to name a few!  They also received an awesome analogy of the difference between science and engineering using some much-loved characters… the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man!

Scott got the children engaged by scaffolding his questions to involve even our youngest of scientists while showing genuine awe for the knowledge of some of our older attendees.  He also incorporated the children’s multiple modalities to keep them engaged through the hour+ presentation.

GFT would also like to extend another special thank to St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church for allowing us the use of their projection equipment to help bring Scott’s message to life and to Nathalie Savell for bringing this amazing opportunity to our attention!

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Keep reaching for the stars, kids!

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