Winter Wonderland Open House!

One of the perks of making your own rules is that a little bit of snow won’t take away from the children’s fun of playing in the great outdoors.  We were elated to welcome a few families this past week that were interested in seeing and experiencing for themselves what a drop-off tutorial could do to enhance their homeschool experience. We look forward to welcoming some of them as “official” members in the coming weeks and appreciate them bringing their snow gear to dive right in!

I was personally invited by the children to take a tour of the winter “town” they created in the woods using whatever materials that were available… found latticework, branches, leaves, pallets, and tree trunks, just to name a few.


While to the average outsider, the area looked little more than some organized bundles of materials.  I quickly learned, however, that they have come up with their own rules to govern their town.  There’s the “Town Hall” where all announcements take place, the different “houses” that serve two-to-three students each, the store, the shop, the path, and many other wonders that I may or may not have been privy to an introduction.  Their buy-in from creating it themselves was so evident, and they could not wait to share their excitement with an “outsider”.

Of course, the snow also lead to some more “traditional” winter activities.  Students body surfed down hills, made a huge snowman, and experimented with spray bottles and food coloring to create colors and decorate the winter wonderland.

Once inside, they used marshmallows and toothpicks to make their own hexagonal, 3D (is it considered 4D if they ate some of the materials?…) snowflakes.  We were so glad the weather cooperated to lend us some of these snowy experiences for our winter science exploration.

If you’re interested in setting up your own “Drop-In to Drop-Off Day”, please contact us.  We’d be delighted and look forward to meeting you soon!


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