Action Jackson!


The students at GFT took advantage of the resident boulder at St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church to do some “action painting” to keep us warm this snowy Tuesday!  In honor of Pollock’s birthday this past week, the students read, “Action Jackson” and discussed how his art differed and was the same as other art they have experienced.

We then created different mixtures of biodegradable, homemade paint made from cornstarch, water, and food coloring.  While mixing up the paint, the students sampled different amounts of cornstarch to get the consistency they desired.  They also discussed how to change the amounts of dye being added to create their desired colors.

Then, the real fun began!  The students practiced their “athletic” painting, using the brushes as extensions of their arms and getting their whole bodies in on the fun.  Since the weather was quite chilly, the action painting helped keep us warm on the snowy day.

They enjoyed getting their hands (and boots and pants!) a little dirty, just as Pollock did with his larger-than-life paintings.  We look forward to decorating our boulder again, action-painting style, once we can stand to be outside a little bit longer!

And, of course, what snow day would be complete without a little snowflake catching??  Stay warm out there, everyone!


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