Bubbles Away!

One activity that we were excited to get underway with this icy weather was blowing bubbles outside and watching them freeze.  What could go wrong, right?  YouTube always makes it look so easy!

Once again, our quest for fun led to an even deeper degree of discovery.  First up, the children had to figure out the best soap-to-water ratio to achieve the best bubbles.  The children learned quickly that a straight bubble solution was too dense.  The liquid glopped off of the wands without much fanfare in the bubble department.  Next, an overabundance of water meant that the solution was too runny, and, again, no bubbles were formed.  And, just like Goldilocks, our third time was a charm!

Not only did we achieve a better soap-to-water ratio that produced a variety of bubble sizes, one of our friends visiting for a drop-in day made another discovery!  While we weren’t quite able to achieve the “frozen” bubbles in midair, she realized by leaving the solution in the wands for just a few seconds, we could watch the solution freeze before our very eyes!  Talk about a teachable moment!

What are your favorite freezing weather activities?  Please let us know so we can try them out, too!

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