Full-Swing in February!

The weather will not hold us down at GFT, and we have been embracing the plentiful learning opportunities that it brings!  The students have been utilizing, “28 Days: Moments in Black History That Changed the World” to discuss and acknowledge the contributions by African Americans during Black History Month.  Because each day gives tribute to a new person, we have enjoyed reading and discussing the book throughout the day.


Additionally, February’s character trait is “fairness”.  The children have been diving into the discussion on how people that have been perceiving as being different have been treated in the past as well as today.  The varied ages help give younger and older students, alike, a chance to share and ponder the weight and interpretation of this conundrum.


    And what February would be complete without discussion and literature surrounding President’s Day and Valentine’s Day?  The students will be collecting recycled and outdoor items to create their own Valentines to help celebrate the season, and we will showcase those as they are completed.

This is also a reminder that GFT operates on its own inclement weather system.  Families will be notified via text by 8:00 am if there are any changes to the normal hours.  We’re excited to dive deeper into our summer as the days are getting longer and next school year plans and cannot wait to share them!

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