Homeschooling 101!

Here at GFT, we want to help make the homeschooling process as transparent as possible! Navigating the county system, knowing what and how to teach, meeting new people with similar philosophies… it can all be quite overwhelming!


So, please join us the second Thursday of each month from 12:00-1:00. This informal Q&A is a great time for your children to play with the students at the tutorial while you get some assistance from veteran homeschool parents.  Our upcoming spring dates are Thursday, April 11 and Thursday, May 9.

This is during our GFT day, so please feel free to bring a lunch to eat alongside with us or plan to come and play. We do go outside in almost all weather, so please plan for that, as well!

If you could drop us some quick info so we know to expect you, that would be amazing!

Help us, help you! We’ll see you soon!


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