New Kid on the Block?

…well, maybe not so much anymore!  When Global Foundations Tutorial opened our doors on the beautiful campus of St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church in Towson in September of 2018, we knew that by building a student-centered, play-focused, educational program that stresses outdoor exploration and imagination, it was only a matter of time until we added more families to our growing community.


I truly cannot think of a better way to invest in the lives of our children and, in turn, the world at large, than pouring one’s heart into creating this caring and inclusive tutorial.  It astounds (and humbles!) me to look at the mindfully-chosen curricula we choose to share with the students and feel the excitement start to bubble knowing that these children are being taught by some amazing minds in ways that the information presented to them will make sense and stay with them.

It is also an indescribable feeling to hear my five-year-old spouting out math problems and skip counting and telling me “rules” for spelling and grammar that I had not considered before… all while telling me about all her friends (that range up to the thirteen year old “children”) and how much she enjoys attending.


As a follow-up to a recent conversation, she also let me know that “they don’t really learn anything” at tutorial.  When she told me this, it struck a chord so deep inside me in that what she thought she knew about learning up to this point from her five years on earth had to do with her needing to sit and “work” in order to “learn”.  Needless to say, we got into a great discussion on how building and games and role-playing and read-alouds and drawing and cooking and tag (among many, many other things) are all learning.  To this, she said, “Well, then I like learning!”  As a new homeschool parent myself, clearly, I have some work to do, and I cannot think of better people to help me down this path than those at GFT.

We have students from all walks that have come together at GFT for a welcoming and engaging atmosphere.  So, when can we expect to see you?  Click here so we can schedule your free, no-pressure drop-in to drop-off day to see how a tutorial could enhance your homeschool experience.  We can’t wait to meet you!

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