Director’s Corner

I can appreciate the irony when people find out that I am the Director of Global Foundations Tutorial and our umbrella… yet am a brand new homeschool parent myself! As a public school teacher for ten years turned real estate investor, I can say with absolute certainty that this is not where I imagined our family would be if you had spoken to me just a few, short years ago. And you know what? I could not be more thrilled!

The more I get entrenched in the homeschool community, both local and beyond, the more amazingly dedicated, inspiring, and thought-provoking people I meet. Whether we share the same educational philosophy is irrelevant. It is the belief that there is a different way of educating our children that is better suited to our families that binds us together.

I have met countless people who work full-time who scrape and pull and pool resources to make homeschooling possible. I have spoken with people who travel full-time with their kids with incorporating little to no “formal” education and are taking on the world. I have spoken with parents who are confused or have lost their ways somehow and just need someone to help get them back on track to create the optimal teaching and learning environments for their families. I have also spoken with families who thought they knew who “homeschoolers” were and have been told our organization has helped open their eyes to possibilities they never considered previously. Wow! Just WOW!

The other major piece to this puzzle is that GFT is nothing without our lead tutor, Jennifer DeVille, and our classroom assistant, Amy Takemoto. These women give their hearts and souls to our children and work tirelessly to make GFT the amazing educational experience that I once could have only dreamed to give our children. They are in the classrooms, day-in, and day-out making incredible memories for our children. For that, I am extremely humbled and grateful.  AS GFT expands, we have been having conversations with people looking to get involved with the program in a variety of ways.  If this is you, reach out to us here. 🙂

So, who am I? I am the wife and the mom working to hold it all together at home. I am the CEO at work making sure all the pieces run together like clockwork at work. I am the runner who hits the pavement as much as possible because, through movement, my thoughts can bubble to the surface and make a change. I am the founder and director of the best possible educational environment I could have imagined. Who are you? If you haven’t taken some time to ponder that thought recently, see if you can make it happen.


(Photo cred goes to our 3-year-old daughter, a budding photographer)

   I love talking with people about their homeschooling journeys. If you are ever interested in catching up, please do not hesitate to toss me a line. Have a great week!

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