You Don’t Want This to “Thaw”…

The weather may finally be warming up, but we’re experiencing a freeze here at GFT… a tuition freeze, that is! We have been busy preparing for next year with new offerings, a new schedule, and lots of ideas that support our philosophy of exploratory, challenging, and engaging lessons. We also have another EXCELLENT announcement that we’ll be unveiling in the next couple weeks to support our mission of helping ALL homeschooling families!

As a newer educational organization, we know that we are only as strong as the families that have joined us in our community. Without their trust, support, and encouragement, GFT just wouldn’t be possible!


By knowing how many students we will have enrolled at the start of the year, we are able to adjust our curricular plans to make sure we are addressing the variety of needs of our enrolled students. We are also able to compensate our tutors for their tremendous work in our program and potentially add more team members to round out new offerings and serve as support in the classroom.

What does this mean to you? Great question! By paying your $200 deposit before the current school year ends, current students reserve their spots and will maintain their current tuition rates for the next school year. New students will receive 15% off our posted rates found here on! GFT is adding 4 weeks to our schedule next year, so don’t miss out on this tremendous deal!


If you’re ready to lock in these rates click here to reach out to me to schedule our one-on-one call to get you signed up or email, and we will take care of you!

We are so excited about the future of GFT and welcoming new families into our community!

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