SWR Training at GFT!

So many parents with whom I’ve interacted regarding homeschooling have expressed a similar fear: I don’t know how to teach my child how to read.  Luckily, our lead tutor and all-knowing homeschool extraordinaire, Jennifer, found a program when her oldest was starting to homeschool that stuck and has proven to be so effective with our varying age groups at GFT this year.

Screenshot 2019-05-16 13.28.06

According to trainer and long-time (25 years +!) user, Tracey Williams, “Spell to Write and Read (SWR) is a complete and unique multi-sensory phonics program where students spell their way into writing and reading. SWR can be used with any student between grades K-12, ESL, or even adults! It is a perfect introduction to the written word for beginning students. It also helps students who are already reading excel in comprehension as well as spelling and writing. In this course, you will gain an overview of the program while learning it’s methodologies, the 70 basic phonograms, spelling dictation and spelling rules applied to the most common words in the English language ordered according to difficulty.”  

Tracey has taught her own children with this method starting in 1990. Since then, she has been part of a group of parents who started Tall Oaks Classical School where she trained the teachers in SWR. Over the years, she has trained homeschooling parents and school teachers alike. Tracey has also used SWR in many varied tutoring situations.

GFT is THRILLED to welcome Tracey and her SWR training to our campus this summer on Tuesday, July 16 and Wednesday, July 17.  Interested parties can check out all important info regarding the event (including cost, materials, run times, etc) at this site:


Participants do not need to be a part of GFT to take advantage of this AMAZING training opportunity.  All registration is through the SWR website.  Please feel free to direct questions to kristin@globalfoundationstutorial.com.

This is just another way we are continuing to build on our “Homeschooling… with Help!” mantra and look forward to seeing new faces this summer!
If you’re interested in seeing in GFT is a good fit for your family, reach out to us here.



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