Summer Fun!

We wrapped our 2019 Summer Series with a fascinating look at the difference between bugs and insects as we scoured the forest looking for specimens to observe, discuss, and draw!  Students were treated to some bonus organisms when more tiny frogs crossed our paths.  One of our students brought in two bug boxes that allowed us more time to observe some of the species and see if they were really into any of the play equipment in there. 🙂

The students enjoyed some reprieve from the intense summer heat by putting together their summer nature journals that were a culmination of all the activities that we did together.  The creativity in the group was quite remarkable!


We also capped the series with a summary of what we learned throughout the month concerning the different cycles that surround us before engaging in the BEST type of summer play… water relays!  The infectious giggles could be heard throughout the campus as the students said goodbye to each other for the next couple months.

We have been busy preparing for our fall opening and all the fun changes we’ll be implementing this coming academic year!  One such change is our monthly Open Houses.  These are a GREAT way to drop in and see what we’re up to, let your child(ren) stay a while, and see if we might be a great supplement to your homeschool program.  Look out for those dates coming soon!

We hope everyone is enjoying the summer and look forward to seeing you at an event soon!   Contact us here if you’re interested in a call to see how we might enhance your homeschool program.

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