*2019-2020 Supply List*

The first leaf has yet to fall from the trees and already they’re everywhere… signs of “back-to-school”!  While we at GFT know that learning doesn’t take a holiday over the summer, we know our students and families are excitedly prepping for the new academic year!

If you’re joining us at the tutorial next year, here are some things to keep in mind as those *sales* flash before your eyes:

Here is a list of the items for your child to bring to GFT whenever she/he attends:

1-a backpack with the following:

-a seasonally-appropriate change of clothes, rain boots, rain jacket, reusable water bottle, hat.  In the winter, we can replace the rain gear for snow gear, including waterproof gloves.  Space constraints do not allow us to keep these items at tutorial, and we also want everyone to be able to use them on our off-days, as well.

2-a lunch box/bag.  We will have access to a refrigerator.

In terms of supplies, we use a communal approach.  Items that get used most often can run out, and we would appreciate any donations to the room in this area.  This is not required, and we appreciate anything that comes in for the children’s use:

-tissues, colored pencils, regular (old school, need-to-be-sharpened) pencils, crayons, washable markers


If your child has “special” art supplies that he/she would be okay sharing with the group, we welcome him/her to bring them, as well.  We have loads of manipulatives, dress-up, and imaginative play items at the tutorial, so thank you for keeping other outside toys at home.

GFT will also supply the necessary folders/notebooks/workbooks for subject-specific activities, and these will remain at the tutorial.

Please feel free to send any questions you have our way!  We look forward to seeing you soon!


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