Why Right Start Math?

I don’t know about you, but I am TOTALLY guilty of thinking on occasion, “Well, I learned it this way and turned out okay…” when thinking about how we are going to tackle (and, yes, some days it is truly tackling!) homeschooling.  Then there are those other times that crop up where a lightbulb goes off and you wonder where this knowledge has been all your life.


    This was us with Right Start Math.  Coming from a public school and counting background, I was not even aware that there WAS another way for our youngest kiddos to learn math… and then I got (un)schooled.  Did you know that 5-month-old babies can distinguish between 1, 2, and 3 objects?!  Did you also know that I watched a number of YouTube tutorials on how to use an abacus since I had not a clue?

Joan Cotter, Ph.D and creator of Right Start Math, does a much better job at relaying why and how producing mental images is far superior to counting in laying a foundation for children to understand, apply and enjoy math.  Check out her article, “Math and the Young Child” here.

Our youngest learners are using the math games that are included in the series to hone their skills while our middle-elementary students are doing more direct-and-group instruction in addition to the math games.  Our middle schoolers utilize each other and their facilitator to work on their different levels and curricula that they bring with them to GFT.

We love learning alongside our children at GFT and are thrilled to have you along for the journey!

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