Getting “Schooled” in Biology

When looking at all the curricular options for this current school year, we at GFT had a lot of information to consider.  While last year’s lessons were a mix of physical, earth, and life sciences pulled from a variety of sources, we realized our demographic was shifting.  Rather than expand the breadth of topics, this year we are going for depth.  This is where Real Science Odyssey: Biology 2 comes into play.

“But how on earth do you teach all those kids with all their different ages/abilities/interests?”, you might be thinking.  Well, in short, the tutors at GFT are very deliberate with their instruction.  With scaffolding and two to three tutors working with the students at all times, the information comes to life!

So far this year, students have explored the parts and operation of a microscope, plotted, measured, and observed a variety of organisms in different habitats, walked through lab reports from hypothesis to conclusion, prepared slides, and got down and dirty with field microscopes.  The questions they are formulating and the teamwork their exhibiting has been exhilarating to watch!  GFT families also get access to all the student pages through our member-only portal to help add to their expertise and knowledge at home!

Interested in seeing if GFT might be a good fit for your family?  Contact us here to be added to our mailing list for upcoming Open House events.  We can’t wait to meet you!



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