“Cell” It to Me!

“Why in the world does a five-year-old need to learn about the life cycle of a cell?”  This was an actual question that was asked of me recently, and I was more than happy to indulge!

When we have a room full of students of different ages, abilities, backgrounds, and interests, at GFT we meet the students where they are in terms of readiness.  So, while a five-year-old may relate to cell regeneration through his/her experiences with getting a cut (did we hear a health crossover in there??), our middle schoolers explore the different types and amounts of cells that make up an adult’s body, and our elementary students dive deeper into the parts of the cell and their functions.

Somatic Cell Life Cycle

The students can then work together to construct a model of the cycle, each adding in and sharing their own knowledge of the process to ensure that it is information that will stick.  So why teach a five-year-old about the Somatic Cell Cycle?  Why not? 🙂

Interested in hearing about how we can enhance your homeschooling experience?  Check out our upcoming Open House on November 12! Fill out the form here to let us know to expect you.  We can’t wait to meet you!

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