Build Up to a Shake-Up!

Our students have been cruising through the biology lessons this fall!  They moved from their studies of cells and genetics onwards to organisms.  Following the study of the lifecycle of a cell, students undertook their first stage of dissection… flower dissection!

Microscopes were on hand as the children carefully used their lab instruments to expose the different parts of a plant and the cells within… and a blast was had by all!  All of this work is in preparation for the culminating dissection that will take place later this week… frogs!  Each middle school student has opted to have a frog and facilitator leading him/her through the process, while our younger learners will have the option of full participation, observation, or alternate activity.

We look forward to posting our findings soon!

If you’re interested in attending one of our upcoming Open Houses to see if GFT might be a great fit for you and your family, let us know here.   We love to talk to families to see how we can be partners in your children’s (home) education!


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