Here We Grow Again!

We’ve had some exciting happenings at GFT!  The leadership team of GFT met a couple weeks ago to discuss an exciting “merger”, so-to-speak, that’s been in the works and seeks to benefit all of our families.
We are thrilled to welcome Julia Fitzgerald to the GFT team!  Julia has been leading her own small group of middle school homeschoolers (and her high school son) on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the hours GFT is in session.
At our meeting, we discussed how combining our talents will not only allow us to scaffold and craft the lessons even more for our pre-K, middle-elementary, and middle school students, but the students will have another “expert” homeschool tutor from whom they can learn.
Julia and her crew started at GFT this week, and what a week it has been!  Not only have the tutors been able to give even more attention to each of the individual age groups, but the crossover learning has been tremendous!  For example, while the lower elementary learners did their discussion of the importance of and parts of a flower, the middle schoolers dove deep into their flower dissection.  Towards the end of the lesson, all elementary students came into the middle school learning lab and were “taught” by the middle schoolers… and even got to look at the different plant pieces under the microscope!  Does group learning get any better than that?!
Additionally, we are thrilled to welcome Joan Calabree (a veteran, 25-year, special education teacher) to GFT!  She has been volunteering during our spelling and math block to share her expertise with the students.  We feel so fortunate to have her and thank her for her time, as well!
As this is a season for reflection and gratitude, please know that I am so grateful for every one of you who took a chance on GFT and those who are supporting us from the sidelines.  It is so humbling to be surrounded by the amazing minds that teach our children and by other people brave enough to tackle their children’s education on their own terms.
Have an amazing week!  If you’re interested in checking out our December Open House on the 12th, please let us know here.  We look forward to seeing you!

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