*Warning* Not for the Squeamish :)

As a culminating activity at the end of our internal systems studies in biology, our upper-elementary and middle school students performed one of those labs that stick with you for life… frog dissection.  The excitement in the air leading up to the big day was palpable, and the leadership team did much pre-work to make sure appropriate, alternative options were available for our youngest students as well as any of the old students who may have decided it’s all too much when it was go-time.

Any observers could have heard a pin drop (as some of the dissection pins did) when the organisms were distributed.  Each middle school student received one with upper-elementary and our “K” kids dividing up between the trays.  Once they got comfortable, students really embraced the systems and identifying the different internal organs and systems.  They talked through what they were seeing with the observing children and asked excellent questions along the way.  The different exploration techniques were interesting to observe as the middle schoolers ranged from having surgeon-like precision to a more “quick and dirty” approach to handing off the responsibility to a very eager elementary student.  The “K” kids’ faces were priceless throughout the lab and, by the end, they were mostly deep into the alternative lessons.

What a gift 2019 has been so far!  This is a reminder that our first winter break will start at the end of the day on Thursday, December 19 (also Pajama Day!) and will conclude when we start back up again Tuesday, January 7.  If you’re interested in checking us out in 2020, drop us a line here.  We can’t wait to meet you!

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