Show and Tell!

One of the many excellent options we have at Global Foundations because we are an independent entity is that we’re able to take the very best pieces from other organizations and incorporate them into our programming. For instance, you may remember “Show and Tell” from when you were younger. Well, I have great news! “Show and Tell” is still around and sometimes falls under the super-official pseudonym of “presentations”.

From our middle schoolers to our youngest learners, we encourage the students to share meaningful experiences or objects or information learned with the other students. This discovery leads to great questioning and the students taking further ownership of their interests in education… not to mention how much FUN we have! Presentations are also part of the optional at-home activities performed by our middle schoolers that help expand their knowledge base of the topics discussed in biology and medieval history.

Our Ks have brought us all sorts of joy this year with the “treasures” they’ve amassed. We’ve had magic shows, hermit crabs, stuffed animals, a variety of board games, favorite books, a ukulele serenade, souvenirs from trips, and even a root-sprouting potato made their ways into the classroom. Nothing beats hearing first-hand from students who may otherwise choose to play it safe and stay in the background share information that lights up the whole room.

Here at GFT, we feel so fortunate to be a part of our families’ lives and cannot wait to see what they bring in next!  If you’re interested in seeing if GFT could be a good fit for your family, drop us a line here.  We can’t wait to meet you!

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