Zoom with Us!

Just because we are hunkering down doesn’t mean that we can’t still “see” each other!  Join GFT tomorrow, St. Patrick’s Day(!), at 10:00 on the Zoom link here.   We plan on spending our time sharing poems and tales from our time apart and bringing the kiddos a bit of familiarity in this unfamiliar climate.

Not sure where to find a solid poem to share?  Give www.poetryfoundation.org a whirl!  From the site, one can choose from a variety of topics and age groups to suit whatever mood your child wishes to express.

Zoom is a software-based, video sharing solution and may require a download prior to joining.  All participants will have the audio/video or just the audio option and will be muted upon entry to the meeting.

We would love for you to join us as long as you are able and look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!




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