Blueberry Wrap-Up!

What a joy it was to enjoy a socially-distant outing with some of our GFT friends, old and new!  There were lots of summer stories shared, belly laughs, late-season blueberries picked, and the newest details about GFT’s fall program all coming together.

A huge thank you also goes to the host, Hybridoma Organic Fruit Farm!  The large, shaded playground area helped cool us down from the hot, summer sun.  Additionally, lunch was a breeze when getting one of their delicious, homemade pizzas, straight from their outdoor blueberry oven!

Jennifer, our Curricular Specialist and Lead Tutor, shared a picture of her post-picking, blueberry-laden dessert… since her crew clearly had enough self-control to not eat them all on the ride home (unlike some of us).  It looks like it was a hit!

blueberry dessert

Interested in hearing about GFT’s plan for this academic year?  Come out for our bat box decorating and assembly event at Holt Nature Center for the Arts on Tuesday, 28 from 10:00-12:00.  Details about where to go and what to bring can be found here.  We can’t wait to see you then!

Do you want to get on our “Interested Family” list for this coming year? Add your info here, and we will reach out to you soon!


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