Bat Box Bonanza!

What a BLAST we had caulking, painting, and hanging Holt Nature Center’s very first bat boxes!  For many of the children, it was their first attempt at using caulk. So we discussed why it is so important for the bats that all nooks and holes are sealed shut.  Bats often live in large colonies and are packed in for warmth.  Our children (and adults!) learned today that the smaller boxes that may house on a couple of bats really need to be sealed carefully from the elements since body warmth will not be as much of a factor.  We also used dark paint that not only helps blend with the trees but will help attract and retain heat in the cold, winter months (though winter seemed a far cry off in the summer heat!).

In between dry times, we read “Bat Count: A Citizen Science Story” and “Nightsong”, took a stroll to the pond and tried our luck at netting frogs and tadpoles, and enjoyed spending socially distant time with friends, old and new.  A special shout-out goes to Ms. Rowan, the naturalist at Holt Park.  She supplied all the bat boxes and showed the children an amazing little brown bat that had been mummified and was given to the park.  She was also a wealth of information regarding bats, and we appreciated that she spent her morning with us!

Interested in hearing about GFT’s plan for this academic year?  Come out for our next outdoor get-together and creek meet-and-greet event at Cromwell Valley Park at 10:00 on Monday, August 3.  We’ll be exploring the grounds (using social distancing) and answering any questions you have about GFT or homeschooling in general.  More details about the event and where to go in the park can be found here. We can’t wait to see you then!

Want to get on our “Interested Family” list for this coming year? Add your info here, and we will reach out to you soon!

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