Wow, what a turnout!  We had a blast meeting up with friends at our stream meet-and-greet this past week at Cromwell Valley Park.  Adults had a chance to discuss the nuts and bolts of homeschooling in Maryland while the children were thoroughly entertained by some very vocal turkeys and chickens outside the Willow Grove Nature Center.

From there, we headed out for a walk along the stream and past the old mill until we arrived at a very active frog pond.  The students and adults alike got a chance to search and spot a number of frogs as they croaked and hopped around the pond.

The morning ended at the children’s play area with lots of climbing, see-sawing, dirt-moving, and mud kitchen experimentation.  This park is a Baltimore County gem, and GFT will be back, for sure!


Are you interested in joining GFT’s umbrella to get first access to trips like this?  Registration starts this week, so make sure we have you on our radar! If so, please add your information to our mailing list here.  We look forward to seeing you out and about soon!

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